Smart Controller


A system that allows you to control your home appliances from anywhere with LINE (famous messenger app in japan).


See the following two posts for more information (Japanese).


Bottle.pyでRaspberry PiをWebサーバにしてLINEと連携させてみた

Operate home appliances from a Raspberry Pi

I made RaspberryPi memorize the signal of the remote control of my home appliances by using the infrared receiver.

Using the GPIO of RaspberryPi, we can operate the infrared LED and send the learned signal to control the home appliances. image.png


Using LINE messaging API, we created a bot that replies to user’s messages.

You can operate the Raspberry Pi through this Bot.

Control the Raspberry Pi from LINE

  • Building a web server on RaspberryPi using Bottle, a Python framework for setting up a web server.
    • You can access the web server from outside your home LAN using a service called ngrok.
  • Create and implement a web application on the Ranbberry Pi that sends signals from the Raspberry Pi to home appliances in response to http requests
    • Handle http requests sent by webhook from LINE messaging API.
  • Create a bot that responds to a user’s message using LINE messaging API.
    • You can control your Raspberry Pi through this Bot.
Takeru Hashimoto
Takeru Hashimoto
Project Assistant Professor

My research interests include haptics, somatics, robotics and virtual reality.